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July 2022



Amma doesn’t worry about the next moment. Love and happiness are in the present, God and enlightenment too.”

 Upcoming Events

9 JulyElder's Day Celebration

Sadhana Day
15 JulyKarthika Day Archana 
23 July  Satsang in Leeds


Amrita Hall, MA Centre, 211 Fair Acres, Bromley, BR2 9YG

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Amma Sadhana Day

Saturday 9th July 2022


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9:00 am  Guided meditation
9:30 am Breakfast and seva distribution
10:30 am Seva
(selfless service) and Vedic chanting (optional)
11:30 am  Receiving Elders
12:30 pm Walking Mediation
1.30 pmPerformances 
  2.00 pm Bhajan practice and continuation of selfless service 
  3:30 pm Satsang (Spiritual Gathering) 
 5:30 pm 
Tea  &
 6:30 pm Clear-up  


includes Chanting of the Divine names, Passage reading from Amma's books,  Bhajans*, Meditation and Aarti

*If you are interested in leading a bhajan, please contact Vivek (


Traditionally, people consider it a blessing to sponsor the cost of the prasad (meal) that are provided at prayer meetings or satsangs. You may have seen Amma reading the names of people who have sponsored the meal for all the thousands of devotees on Tuesdays. If you would like to sponsor the Prasad meal for the future satsangs please contact

July Satsang are kindly sponsored by Pamela McGeoch 

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Elders Day Celebration

Saturday 9 July 2022  (11:30AM - 6PM)


We welcome all Amma's senior children to a day of celebration and satsang. It has been a long times since our last Elders day celebration, when devotees with transport very kindly brought our seniors to lunch and then entertainment. Ideally, every satsang should include Elders, but due to transport issues this has not always been possible. We hope to make a special request for transport help to bring seniors at least every few months.

We want everyone to be aware about the recent rise in COVID cases and not take any unnecessary risks, hence we trust all seniors would have had full vaccinations, take precautions such as wearing masks and discussed with their NOK or carers before attending. We also request all attending to do a LFT as well.

For further details contact Vakees at

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Karthika Day Archana

Friday 15 July  - 6.30pm - 7.30pm

On behalf of MA Centre, here is an opportunity to lead the Archana (108 names, 1000 names) on the occasion of Karthika (Amma's birth star). You can lead the Archana from your house with family and friends, or as part of your Satsang group.
If you are interested, please send an email to

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Satsang in Leeds

Saturday 23 July  - 2pm - 5pm

Volunteers based in North England have been conducting a Satsang every month. For the month of July, the Satsang will be held in Leeds. If interested to attend, please send an email to Kuldeep ( for more details. 

The Circle Of Giving

A game inspired by Amma's teachings

The Circle Of Giving is a value-based game inspired by Amma's teachings. Here is an introductory video.

Our beloved Amma has recently launched this game. In a childlike mood, Amma spent time playing the game and filling the little children around Her with joy. 


Download the game from Google Play [LINK

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Regular Activities

Thursday Satsang: 6:30-8:00pm

  • 108 Names of Amma
  • Bhajans sung by Amma
  • Passage from Amma's books
  • Amma's satsang
  • Arati
  • Meditation

Sunday Satsang: 7.30-9am 

  • 108 Names of Amma
  • Lalitha Sahasranama
  • Mahishasuramardini Stotram
  • Passage from Amma's books
  • Arati
  • 9 am-9.30 am online chat

Details for all these Zoom meetings: Zoom
Meeting ID: 642 298 098
Password: 567123

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